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Mentor Services

I offer a one to one mentoring service, and have been hearing from home boarders who are just starting out and are looking for some regular support (or just ad hoc support) as they undertake their first few months in the industry.  Additionally, established boarders have been in touch who maybe find social media support a little overwhelming and prefer to talk on the telephone.

The one to one mentor service is charged at £17 per hour (pro rated) and you can book calls or drop me messages as and when you wish, there is no commitment or obligation. Having a mentor is also good for your personal development you can record it as part of your business research and training!

A sample of the subjects recently covered:

~ Understanding the updated DEFRA guidance and the changes from previous versions

~ Changing an existing business model to try and get a better home / work balance

~ Getting familiar with the lesser known vaccinations brands on booster cards

~ Talking through the assessment of new guests and the dynamics with existing groups

~ Walking through what to expect at a renewal inspection

~ Just giving a supportive ear to another business who wants to talk confidentially

~ Helping to see qualification questions from additional points of view, to give a more rounded answer for the exam

~ Talking together about bad days, what went wrong and how to prevent things from happening again

~ Help with what to say (and how to frame it) if a dog is not happy at day care / boarding (whilst not upsetting the client)

DEFRA Home Boarding Guidance Help

◦  Home Boarding Registration Forms ◦  Day Care Welfare Check Form  ◦  Dog Walking Terms and Conditions  ◦  Operating Procedures  ◦ Home Boarding Service Agreements  ◦  Fire Evacuation Plans ◦

◦  OFQUAL Approved Qualifications  ◦ Pet Business Document Packs ◦ New Dog Assessment Forms  ◦ Business Websites ◦ Inspection Preparation ◦

CW ~ 06/23

“I had my inspection today and I have my Licence for Home Boarding bought templates from here thank you Vicky”
Reviews and Feedback
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