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Form and Agreement Templates, Mentoring and General Support Services

Are you a new Dog Walking, Pet Sitting or Home Boarding business?  Are you thinking of setting up soon and are unsure where to begin?  ​Are you struggling to get ready for your next Home Boarding or Day Care licence inspection?  Are you finding it difficult to understand or to interpret the DEFRA guidance for Home Boarding or Day Care?  Would you like a website to promote your business but don’t know where to start? Then I can help!

Available Services

If you would like some help in setting up your new pet services business, or would like to give your existing business a bit of a face-lift then please feel free to contact me.  I can help you to start out on the right path if you have decided to take a professional qualification but are not sure where to begin.  Please contact me for a no obligation discussion and quote based on your needs.

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Pet Business Documents, Forms & Templates
Virtual Assistant Services for Dog Businesses
Mentor Services for Dog Home Boarders
Social Media Design & Support for Pet Business
Website Design & Support for Pet Businesses
Exams & OFQUAL Study Support for Dog Home Boarders

Please note:  Support 4 Pet Business offers services under the terms of a binding Service Agreement. 

Working Together to Raise the Standards of Pet Care
Support 4 Pet Business, working with UK Pet Businesses
Extra Care Dog Day Care & Home Boarding, Northwich, Cheshire
Tembas Walks & Whiskers, Dog Walker and Pet Visits, Buxworth, High Peak
Treats 4 Dogs, Online Pet Supplies Store UK
Igoe Dog Walking, Day Care, Walking, Pet Visits and Home Boarding in Farnborough, Hampshire
Wags of Adventure, Dog Walking, Day Care, Home Boarding and Pet Visits in Farnborough, Hampshire
Bark to the Future, Dog Walker Newton le Willows
Igoe Dog Toys, Handmade Fleece Toys made in Farnborough, Hampshire
Visits 4 Pets, Ottershaw, Surrey KT16 0LB
Waggy Days 4 Dogs, Day Care and Home Boarding for Small Dogs in Farnborough, Hampshire
Website Design for Pet Businesses UK

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Dog Walker Forms, Terms & Conditions
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◦  Home Boarding Registration Forms ◦  Day Care Welfare Check Form  ◦

◦  Dog Walking Contract  ◦  Operating Procedures  ◦ Home Boarding Service Agreements  ◦  ◦  Fire Evacuation Plans ◦  OFQUAL Approved Qualifications  ◦

◦  New Dog Assessment Forms  ◦ Business Websites ◦ Inspection Preparation ◦

◦  DEFRA Kennels Guidance ◦ DEFRA Home Boarding Guidance ◦

◦ DEFRA Commercial Day Care Guidance ◦ Dog Boarding Forms ◦ Support for Pet Business ◦ ◦  Pet Sitting Forms ◦ Pet Business Terms and Conditions ◦ Pet Care T&Cs ◦

◦ Pet Business Consultant ◦ Pet Business Consultancy ◦ Support for Pet Businesses ◦

◦  Pet Carer Paperwork ◦ Pet Business Basic Paperwork and Templates ◦ 

Dog Boarding Forms

HW ~ 03/23

"Hey, so sorry I’ve been late at leaving you a review.  I just want to say the service you provide is brilliant. From the moment I messaged you, you have been extremely helpful to me. I have actually learned a few things from you while going over my terms and conditions so I want to thank you for that.  A very knowledgeable lady about dog walking, pet sitting or home boarding. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Incredible service and my terms and conditions are brilliant thanks to you!"

Dog Home Boarding Forms Review

PB ~ 08/22

"I cannot thank you enough or quite simply add enough praise . Not only was your professional mentor service thorough, practical and EXACTLY what I needed but you kindly went out if your way to deal with me in non working hours . Thanks to you I not only was able to identify gaps in my policies and procedures and quickly address them, but you gave me so much motivation and encouragement at a rather fragile time.  I haven’t got my results yet , but after a very thorough 3 and a half hour inspection , the licensing officer went away very satisfied am with everything and with a smile on her face .  I would not hesitate to recommend you and will certainly be using your services again for different aspects of my business .  Just amazing to have that very professional knowledgeable feedback and extremely professional advice .  You’ve helped me raise the bar." 

DEFRA Dog Home Boarding Procedures Review

JS ~ Stafford

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for supplying the templates and the advice that you gave.  Following our inspection we were given a 5 star rating which is a massive improvement from previously.  This is testament to the templates, which we followed dilligently and the inspector recognised the hard work and gave a 5 star award.  The phone has not stopped and we are looking forward to a positive year in building the home boarding side of our business." 

Dog Home Boarding Templates Review

KD ~ 03/23

"I’ve officially completed my boarding pack and submitted my application and I honestly couldn’t have done it without the help and support of Vicky Williams I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Not only has your pack helped me complete the application with more ease and understanding, it has also taught me SO much!! I feel excited and ready for the next step!

If anyone is behind the scenes debating getting the pack or quietly doubting themselves please please get the pack and contact Vicky! She has been a great support not only along with you lovelies on here but she’s been a wonderful help with questions I’ve emailed her! Apologies for the long post but I wanted to thank Vicky for everything, so…THANK YOU!!!!"

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